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100kw solar panel system

Model: XH-SY-100kw

50kw off grid solar system

Model: XH-SY-50kw

3kw hybrid solar system

3kw off grid and on grid hybrid solar system

10kw wind turbine generator

Model: XH-WT-10KW

5kw wind turbine generator

Model: XH-WT-5KW

3kw wind turbine price 3kw wind generator

1, Low wind speed start
2, High efficiency
3, New tail type
4,Place of Origin: Shandong, China
5,Brand Name: Xianghong
6,Model Number: XH-WT-3KW
7,Type: Horizontal Axis
8,Rated power: 3KW
9,Application: Wind Power System
10,Generator type: 3 Phase AC Permanent-magnet
11,Warranty: 3 Years
12,Blade Material: Reinforced Glass Fiber
13,Start-up wind speed: 2m/s
14,Rated wind speed: 9M/S
15,Rated Voltage:48V/96V/120V/220V
16, Inverter Ourput: 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz or 3phase 380V

300kw off grid solar energy system

solar panel system 300kw for industry

30kw solar system

easy to install complete set 30kw off grid solar system

200kw off grid solar panel system

off grid 200kw solar panel system for power station

20kw solar system

high quality solar energy system more than 30years use 20kw solar system

10kw solar system

Model: XH-SY-10kw

2kw solar system

Model: XH-SY-2kw

1kw solar system

Model: XH-SY-1kw