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3kw on grid solar power system

Product Description




3kw on grid inverter General Descriptions:

it is using low-frequency isolation transformer for protection  purpose for outdoor applications. The direct plug-in terminal port provides  easy, safe and reliable cable connection under any circumstances. It is the  ideal product used for string-connected small PV power station, or individually  for a small house.


product advantages:
1.      using IPM from Mitsubishi company as the power components.
2.      using American ATEMEL company microprocessor as figure controller.
3.      perfect protection and warning functions.
4.      MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking )technology.
5.      circuit frame compact,Max. Efficiency≥94%
6.      Outdoor stainless steel casing, entire sealed installation
7.      input voltage range wide,MAX. can be 1150VDC
8.      RS232/485 communication,multi  communication interface can be selected
9.      pure sine wave output,automatically synchronized with the grid  tracking,power factor close to 1, Current low harmonic content, non-polluting  power grid, no impact
10. Inverter current closed-loop control,  power controllablebig-screen  Chinese LCD, perfect display, interface-friendly.


·Full protection functions: over-voltage protection, short-circuit  protection, islanding protection, over-heat protection

·Over-load protection

 3KW on grid solar system

3KW solar system can generate 21 to 24KWH in a sunny day

The system include: 8pcs of 370W solar panel+ mounting bracket+ 3kw on grid inverter+cables




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