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50kw solar system

China professional pv supplier 480V 50kw off grid solar power system
System Introduction

Our solar system have made many projects for home and power station, successfully used by customer with very high efficient ,            5 to 6 years cost-recovering, 25years warranty, can use for 30 to 50years with free electricity obtaining. 

Product Description




50KW off grid solar system

50KW solar system can generate 350 to 400KWH in a sunny day

The system include: 

140pcs of 360W solar panel+ mounting bracket+combiner box+ controller+battery+50kw inverter+cables

Note: our 50kw inverter output single phase size is 660*1300*1600mm ,weight is 510KGS

                50kw inverter output 3 phase size is 660*1300*1600mm ,weight is 560KGS

our inverter weight and size is bigger, it will be stable working long time for 50kw solar system


More detail introduction and quotation,welcome to send enquiry to info(at) 




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