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2kw wind turbine generator

Model: XH-WT-2KW

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Product Description

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2kw wind turbine for home

The system include: wind generator+blades+ tower+controller+battery+2kw inverter

This system is used for self household appliances,the wind turbine generate electricity to store power in batteries, customers can use it in any time, it is suitable for remote village, rural area or lack of utility grid.

2000W off grid system wind turbine connect method:

1, 1000W wind generator rated output is 48AC to connect with input of 48V AC controller, then the controller stablize voltage output will be stable 48V DC to charge the 4pcs of 12V batteries which is connected in series to be 48V.

2,The power from batteries of 48V DC will connect to input of 48V DC of 1000W inverter ,then the inverter will transform 48V DC to be output of AC 220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz for home use.

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Our Services

     Our Service


Wind Generator:3years, Tower: 5years, Controller: 3years, Gel Battery:2years, Inverter: 3years



1.During warranty time, We provide components free for repair or replacement caused by defects in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions.

2,After warranty time, We will provide components with cost price for maintenance and repair product in life long.



Generally we do T/T payment:

1, For small order, 100% advanced payment

2, For big order, 30% advanced payment, and it is negotiable

We hereby promise, we will supply high quality, high technology,deliver on time, and provide best price and service for our customer all over the world.


We welcome to customer use Trade Assruance order, it is an online order on alibaba which is free service provided by alibaba, you will enjoy:

1, 100% payment protection

2, 100% on time shipment protection

3, 100% product quality protection


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[Q:] Whats your company advantage?

[A:] Our wind turbine have biggest advantage is tail axis rotation, we research it and make a new design of the tail, which is a best one to adjust the blades to face the wind, avoid the blades turn too fast to burn the generator in windstorm, long span life,we insist to supply high efficiency,reliable quality,advanced design, good price with best service for customer.


If you need please tell us your port, we can ask shipping cost,we are near to the port and can save a lot cost, We have an experienced team to provide service according to customer's request.


Customer can easily install wind turbine by themself according to our drawing and manual, We can offer a discount according to big quantity

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