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192V 220V mppt solar controller 240V 384V 480V mppt solar charge controller

1, Place of Origin:Shandong, China
2,Model Number: XH-SC-192V/220V/384V/480V
4,Application:Charger Controller, Solar Working Station, Voltage
Controller, Solar System Controller
6,Max PV Power:40KW
7,Max PV Voltage:480V
10,Charge mode:MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking
11,Battery type:Lead Acid,Gel AGM,Lithium
12,Display:LCD Screen
13,System voltage:192V/220V/384V/480V
14,Function:Charging and control
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Properties of the solar charge controller

1. Design for off-grid solar power system.

2. Applicable to different kinds of batteries.

3. Modular design with simple structure and easy maintenance.

4. Automatic power control function.

5. LCD display: Solar panel current, solar panel voltage, solar panel power, battery group voltage, charge current.

6. MODBUS protocol. The problem that the protocol cant be compatible with other devices is solved. It is convenient to do secondary development.

7. Add the protection function of charge module. When batteries are broken or open circuit, inverter power the loads directly via controller, the charge module wont be damaged.

8. Battery protection is added. When there is fault on charge module, disconnect the battery, to prevent the over-charge of battery(high voltage is optional)

9.Perfect protection function: Solar reverse charge protection, Solar reverse connection   protection, Battery reverse connection protection, Battery overcharge protection, Battery over current protection etc ,thus the system has higher reliability.

Product Description

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 Technical parameters of the solar charge controller 192V


 Technical parameters of the solar charge controller 220V


Technical parameters of the solar charge controller 240V



 Technical parameters of the solar charge controller 384V


Technical parameters of the solar charge controller 480V


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