canadian solar 380w 390w mono solar panel 400w 410w solar power panel

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canadian solar 380w 390w mono solar panel 400w 410w solar power panel

400w 410w solar power panel


Product Description



Nominal Power 380W390W400W410W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)37.6V37.6V37.6V37.6V
Maximum Power current(Imp)10.05A10.37A10.64A10.9A
Open-circuit Voltage(Voc)46V46V46V46V
Short-circuit Current(Isc)12.18A12.54A12.82A13.14A
Module Efficiency [%]19.58%20.1%20.61%21.13%
Power Tolerance±3%
Maximum System Voltage1000V / 1500V DC(IEC)



Detail of Solar Panel


solar cell.png

Solar Cell-A Grade


*Canadian cell or Longi cell


*9 lines solar cell efficiency can get to 23%


*Stable performance under weak light conditions


*PID free treatment upon request


*100% In-line Electrical Luminance tested



    *Antireflective coating to increase the module 
     efficiency up to 2%

   *Light transmittance improvement above 3%

    *self-cleaning function
EVA Film

*Light transmittance more than 92%
*High resistance to heat and moisture
*UV resistance against ageing


   Aluminum Frame

 *Strong mechanical load resistance up to 5400 Pa

                             *Anodic oxidation layer resistant chemical corrosion
*Silver and black color optional
Junction box.png
Junction box and MC4
*IP 68 protection grade

*High quality diodes for electric safety

*1500V system voltage available
*Reliable by-pass diodes assure surge protection protection

      Back sheet


     *Low moisture permeability against snail trail defect


     *Excellent electric insulation for high system

       voltage up to 1500V


     *Outstanding weatherproof performance

Back sheet.png


Panel Characteristic

solar panel.png



Company Information

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   Our solar panel packing and delivery



Related Solar System

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Our Services

        Our Service


Controller: 5years, Gel Battery:2years, Inverter:5years

Mounting Bracket: 10years warranty, 25years service life

Solar panel:

     Photovoltaic module: 10years

     Output Power: more than 90% within 10years

                             more than 80% within 25years


1.During warranty time, We provide components free for repair or replacement caused by defects in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions.

2,After warranty time, We will provide components with cost price for maintenance and repair product in life long.


Generally we do T/T payment:

1, For small order, 100% advanced payment

2, For big order, 30% advanced payment, and it is negotiable

We hereby promise, we will supply high quality, high technology,deliver on time, and provide best price and service for our customer all over the world.


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1, 100% payment protection

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3, 100% product quality protection


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[Q:] What is a solar panel?

[A:] The solar panel cells, components, frame, tempered glass, packaging materials and junction box, The solar panels in the light of a certain intensity can produce current.


Q:] Can you introduce your company?

[A:] Yes, Xianghong is A Group company, we have 2 solar panel factories and 1 solar street light factory, Xianghong is responsible for exporting sale service, our factories near to Rizhao airport and Qingdao air port, we can supply good price of solar and wind energy with related products for our customer.


We have an experienced team to provide service according to customer's request,We can offer a discount according to big quantity,Customer can easily install home solar system by themself according to our drawing and manual, if have a big quantity, we can provide service of sending enginners to help customer to install solar projects.


[Q:] Can I have my own logo on the solar panel?

[A:] Yes, OEM service is available for us!

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