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solar panel hybrid system 3kw hybrid solar system

Model: XH-HS-3KW
System Introduction
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Our solar system have made many projects for home and power station, successfully used by customer with very high efficiency , 5 to 6 years cost-recovering, 25years warranty, can use for 30 to 50years with free electricity obtaining.

Product Description


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350W solar panel A grade                             Roof & ground mounting for optional                                            MC4 connector

Vmp: 36V                                                        Wind Load Max 55m/s                                                                  4mm² Male and female

Open circuit voltage:43V                                   Snow load: Max 1.5kn/m2                                                         Rated voltage: 1000V

Strong aluminum frame                                     Setting angle: 0-60°                                                                    Waterproof Protection IP68

Anti-reflective                                                    Material: Aluminum alloy                                                              

anti-soiling surface power loss from dirt           Standard: Suit for EU,AU,US                                                         




12V 250AH Gel battery                           3KW Hybrid Inverter                                               4mm² cables              

Low Self-Discharge                                    Automatic power control function                                suitable for solar system   

Free Maintenance                                         LCD display                                                                 -40℃-90℃     

Deep Cycle Performance                           Perfect protection for solar panel and battery



Systems Introduction

We supply 3kw 5kw 9kw 12kw off grid and on grid hybrid solar system for home use, It is used for self household appliances, and it can connect the grid to sell electricity.

The hybrid system function:

1, solar panel generate electricity to store power in batteries, customer can use it in any time. 


2,when solar system have no power, inverter will connect to city grid automatically to keep supplying electricity,Also it has batteries backup, If solar power is not enough, grid can charge batteries and supply power to your loads


3,In a sunny day, when the battery is fully charged, the surplus power will connect the grid and sell electricity to the state power.                       

3KW off grid and on grid hybrid solar system 


3KW solar system can generate 18 to 24KWH in a sunny day


The system include: 

9pcs of 350W solar panel+ mounting bracket+Cables+ 2pcs 250AH batteries+3kw hybrid inverter


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More detail introduction and price list, welcome to send enquiry to info(at)

                                                Our solar system for home and projects

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Company Information

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Our Services



                                                                                 Our Service


Controller: 5years, Gel Battery:2years, Inverter:5years

Mounting Bracket: 10years warranty, 25years service life

Solar panel:

     Photovoltaic module: 10years

     Output Power: more than 90% within 10years

                             more than 80% within 25years


1.During warranty time, We provide components free for repair or replacement caused by defects in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions.

2,After warranty time, We will provide components with cost price for maintenance and repair product in life long.

Out Panel Packing and Deliever


Generally we do T/T payment:

1, For small order, 100% advanced payment

2, For big order, 30% advanced payment, and it is negotiable

We hereby promise, we will supply high quality, high technology,deliver on time, and provide best price and service for our customer all over the world.


We welcome to customer use Trade Assruance order, it is an online order on alibaba which is free service provided by alibaba, you will enjoy:

1, 100% payment protection

2, 100% on time shipment protection

3, 100% product quality protection


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[Q:] Whats your company advantage?

[A:] We can provide best price with high quality for completely solar system, We have factory to produce solar panel,We choose high technology on controller,inverter( for exmple Growatt,INVT,MUST) as our long term cooperator, We are very near to the port, have the biggest ship agent coopperator, can save land freight, port charges, shipping cost, and very reasonale destination port charges for long term cooperation, We can save cost in all process for our customer.



[Q:] Can I have my own logo on the solar panel?

[A:] Yes, OEM service is available!

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