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1kw solar panel price

long term use solar system 1kw with battery 1kw solar panel price
System Introduction



Our solar system have made many projects for home and power station, successfully used by customer with very high efficient ,5 to 6 years cost-recovering, 25years warranty, can use for 30 to 50years with free electricity obtaining.


Product Description

1000W solar system connect method:

1,2pcs 24V 250W solar panel connect in series to be 48V DC , and connect in parallel with the other 2pcs in series 250W of 48V

2, 4pcs of 250W will be 48V DC to connect with input of 48V DC controller, then the controller output will be stable 48V DC to charge the 4pcs of 12V batteries which is connected in series to be 48V.

3,The power from batteries of 48V DC will connect to input of 48V of 1000W inverter ,then the inverter will transform 48V DC to be output of AC 220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz for home use.







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