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300kw solar power system

high efficient solar panel system 300kw for industry
Product Description

300KW off grid system solar system connect method:

1,48groups of 20pcs 24V 310W solar panel connect in series to be 480V DC , 48groups will connect in parallel.

2, 4 group of 20pcs 310W connect to one piece 4 to 1 combiner box to be one route.

3,4times of this 4 group to connect to 4pcs combiner box to 4 route

4, this 4pcs combiner box to connect 4 route of controller of 480V 200A .

5, so one controller can connect 16 group of 20pcs of 310W solar panel.

6, 3 controllers in parallel will connect like the above.

7, 3 controllers output to charge electricity 240pcs 2V 1500AH batteries connected in series of 480V,

8,The power from batteries of 480V DC will connect to input of 480V of 300KW inverter ,then the inverter will transform 480V DC to be output 380V 3phase for project use





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